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General Contractors San Diego: Should You Do Your Home Remodeling Project Yourself?

general contractors san diegoShould you do it yourself or utilize one of the many general contractors in San Diego for your home remodeling project or room addition?  Many people consider being their own general contractor as a way to save money or avoid the hassle of finding reputable San Diego general contractors.  While there are many projects you can tackle on your own, for larger and more complex projects, you’ll want to consider the tips that we recorded on the following short video before deciding whether to research San Diego general contractors or do it yourself:

General Contractors San Diego – Do it Yourself? – Tip #1:

  • Consider the time required.  Managing a building project is a full time job, even if you plan to hire sub-contractors to do most of the work for you.  Reviewing bids, coordinating timelines, reviewing work, scheduling inspections, ensuring quality and paying invoices are just a few of this things you’ll need to carefully manage if you’re doing it yourself vs. hiring San Diego general contractors.  If you don’t have the time to closely plan and manage every aspect of your project, budgets, timelines and quality will quickly slip.

General Contractors San Diego – Do it Yourself? – Tip #2:

  • Will there be a cost savings?  Most people who are their own contractor on a home remodeling project are doing so to save money.  Unfortunately for most, their project actually ends up costing much more than if they would have hired a general contractor.  Established San Diego general contractors get better pricing on materials as well as on labor from sub-contractors.  This is because they receive volume discounts.  Also, sub-contractors discount their prices to San Diego general contractors in order to win their repeat business.  If you’re a homeowner, sub-contractors view you as a “one-timer” and will generally charge you as such for your project.

General Contractors San Diego – Do it Yourself? – Tip #3:

  • Consider if your home will take longer to complete.  Another thing to consider is how long your project will take to complete.  Efficiently scheduling each phase of work and the inspections can be very tricky if you’re not highly experienced or willing to hire reputable San Diego general contractors.  Which phases and trades can you overlap, which can’t you overlap, how much lead time is needed in scheduling each sub-contractor, how far in advance should you order materials?  A few minor missteps in planning can delay your project weeks or even months.

General Contractors San Diego – Do it Yourself? – Tip #4:

  • How will sub-contractors prioritize your project.  If a sub-contractor is working on your project and a general contractor calls them, you can be sure that your project will end up sitting without any work getting done while they make the general contractor happy.  San Diego general contractors are a source of regular projects and steady income for sub-contractors, and unfortunately they will always prioritize the general contractors’ projects over your project.

General Contractors San Diego – Do it Yourself? – Tip #5:

  • The “devil is in the details”.  You’ve likely heard this saying and with construction it is very true.  The quality, timing and costs are determined by hundreds of minute details that you need to foresee, inspect and effectively plan for.  Without years and years of experience, it’s easy to miss these details, and they can be very costly in time and money to correct.

General Contractors San Diego – Do it Yourself? – Tip #6:

  • Are you committed to the end?  Once you start your remodeling project, it is nearly impossible to hire reputable San Diego general contractors in the middle if you decide it isn’t working out.  Reputable general contractors are very hesitant to step in and take on work they haven’t closely overseen.  There is significant liability as well as risk to their reputation in doing so.

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By Jason Salgado

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